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How to Overcome?

Become an overcomer is easy, and it will help you quickly recover your relationship mess!  

A simple proclaim from your mouth will help you overcome the evil deed!

Follow your proclaim with action to obey God's word, you will become an overcomer to receive blessings from God!

I forgive you
I safeguard holy
I rejoice always
I have patient
I always thanks
I have faith
I'll self control
I'm a peace maker
I'll humble myself
I forgive you
I won't do evil
No complain
I forgive you
No self-centered
No hush
No greedy
I will not proud
No worry
I don't argue
I don't angry

Paul's overcome testimony


Seeking for over 30 years about how to be a blameless. First, I found Jesus Christ. Second, baptized with the Holy Spirit. Third, apply 70x7 to practice God's command. I've truly experienced it.  The great God that I revere actually used such a simple method to bless people.


In 1989, I was shocked by God's almighty knows everything about me and immediately repented, being baptized by the Holy Spirit.  Afterwards I often experienced God's great power.  Serving wholeheartedly.  The Holy Spirit taught me how to obey God's word.  This overcoming life helped me greatly and helped others too.  The secret lies in what Jesus said -- to forgive people 70 x 7 times. 

Very few people do what Peter said -- to forgive 7 times.  Even fewer people do what Jesus said -- to forgive 70 x 7 times.  If one doesn't hold back the flesh, it will be hard to be holy, hard to be blameless.  Many strive to enter heaven but don't know how.  Many know the Bible in Revelation tells us to be an overcomer but don't know how to do it.  Right now, I'd like to share with you one very effective method for overcoming.


Why do we need to quickly overcome?  Because life is a spiritual battleground.  If you don't quickly choose to stand on God's side, then you will lose to the flesh and darkness, and cause your heart to be in turmoil without peace.  A good captain in the battlefield can lead his army quickly to victory. Our captain is Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the word of God.  The more you continually obey God's word, the more you can have testimonies of victory and not fall through life's many storms.


Weapons are needed for battle.  When you see spiritual battle occurring and you don't have the assurance of victory, do not fight; choose to turn back and be quiet.  Seek the often-victorious captain to help you.  The weapons we have are the word of God.  The weapons of spiritual warfare are not about bringing out a thick bible for the enemy to see but using simple God's words to bring out love, forgiveness, freedom from anger, tolerance, and acceptance.  Often what I use is a small reminder wristband; it can quickly help me control the flesh and bring God's love to the spiritual battlefield.


Be careful what words you speak, because it can either hurt you or build you up.  It can either hurt others or build them up.  The word of God is like a sharp two-edged sword.  Let the words of your mouth speak only God's word.  Speaks to people for their edification and encouragement and consolation. The mouth of the wise protects himself.  The words of your mouth can change your temper, your bad habits, and make you a new person.  A new athlete who wants to win a competition must not stay at home unmoving;  he has to go out and pay the price to keep practicing.


You must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect (Matt 5:48).  When I first started using this wristband, trying to control my temper, I didn't expect the results would be so great that I would also become forgiving, patient, joyful, and be at peace.  By practicing 70 x 7, we can be blameless.  Noah was  blameless.  Because of Noah, all the animals were saved and continued their lives.  The Almighty God said to Abraham, "be blameless, you shall multiply greatly, and you shall be the father of a multitude of nations."


Men often fall because of bad influence from friends, thus regretting a lifetime.  Great teachers produce exceptional students.  People need good teachers, coaches, friends and the best is God's Holy Spirit.  When a machine is made, there is a user guide for it.  When man was made by God, there are also rules for life.  When a machine is broken, it needs to be fixed; moreover, this machine needs to follow the manual to be well maintained.  Likewise, mankind needs to follow God's rule.  70 x 7 is my good teacher and coach, often reminding me to obey God's word and bear the fruits of the spirit.


Knowing, doing, and preaching


I was once invited to speak at a church.  The leader of the church said that in 23 years, the church would have a prayer meeting every morning at 4:30 a.m. regardless of how big the snowstorms were, In 23 years, they never invited any preacher.  I was the first one.  That year also marked the 23rd year that I had been filled with the Holy Spirit.  Such a coincidence! The way the Lord prepares and does his work, I was so awed before God!


It's easy to change your personality, as long as you know how


Friend, your bad character never can be changed is not true.  Jesus said, "Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God."  So, it's God's will that you be born again in the Spirit.  As long as you hunger for God's Holy Spirit and strive to obey God's commandment you will make it.  


When I started using the 70 x 7 wristband, I stopped getting traffic tickets.  A few times I broke traffic rules but didn't get a ticket.  I got a camera flash blinking on my car but didn't get a ticket.  Or the ticket was already on the windshield, but the police had copied my license plate number down with a wrong letter.  I had a good friend who I wanted to give the 70 x 7 wristband.  He was very angry and wanted to cut the wristband off with a pair of scissors.  I quickly grabbed the wristband back.  In a few short months, that friend got two hefty traffic tickets that he had to go to the traffic court, traffic school, and was worried about the cost of insurance going up.


At first when I bought that wristband to experiment with 70 x 7, on the second day while practicing "patience," a miracle happened, which yielded a hundredfold value of the price of the wristband.


The first time I used 70 x 7 wristband was at a time when I was very angry. I was getting hot under the collar.  I tried very hard against my temper and said, " I will not get angry, I will not get angry, I absolutely will not get angry...“  After that, dramatically I began to change my angry personality.  I stopped being angry.


I wore the wristband for over three years without removing it.  In three years there were only about ten days that I didn't declare "I want to obey God's word."  I want you to know that during those ten days, each day something bad happened.  This surprised me very much.  From that time on, no matter how tired I was, I would still use my wristband to help me declare "I want to obey God's word."


 A church leader said he read lots of Bible but still didn't have the ability to be an overcomer.  This happens to many people.  A person is unable to be an overcomer because, when temptation comes, God's word inside him is too small to defend him against the flesh;  the flesh operates stronger than the Holy Spirit inside of him.  His holiness and righteousness was influenced by what happens, what he sees, hears, and thinks.  God instructs us to keep his word in our heart, and you shall talk of them when you sit, and when you walk, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.


Do not let the sun go down on your anger, neither before the sun goes down.  A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man quietly holds back anger.  My secret is to tell myself, "I will not be angry, I will not be angry, I will never be angry."  And amazing things will happen.  Your mouth leads your heart.  Your words change the environment of tension.  You are victorious.  You conquer your flesh.  You bring out the light.

Bind God's commandments on your fingers and live; (Prov 7:2). Do not point your finger at others. Rather say it seven times daily "I will bear with and accept others."  "I want to forgive."  "I will not criticize."  "I will be patient." Others also need to strive to agree with you.  Give thanks in all circumstances (1Thess 5:18).  So, be an overcomer.  When you enter into Heaven, you will be able to join those who are holy and perfect.


Do not have patience for repetitive talk.  Because of 70 x 7 one will practice declaring seven times frequently, so it's easier to accept repetitive speakers, and say you have quota of 7 times. usually we'll merrily burst into laughter together.  In the past we would be unhappy because of repetitive words, but now it becomes a source of laughter.

Declaring 70 x 7 only takes one minute and immediately your mood is changed; you will feel peaceful and happy.  Your declaration will quickly remove your flesh, your temper, lust, and help you to be at peace with others.  You will have inner beauty and also outer beauty.  Loving one another is so easy.  Simply by speaking declarations, your life will be changed.  It's so amazingly wonderful.  If anyone does not stumble in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to bridle his whole body. The tongue is able to set on fire the entire course of life. (Jam 3:2~6)

Getting angry is contagious; joy also spreads about.  When you are with a person of good character, you will not get worse. Also, you should have good character to influence people around you.  Jesus Christ  expects to see His disciples (Christians) be light and salt exhibiting good character, because God is watching over you!


Following Jesus not just one day, neither three and a half years.  The disciples saw many miracles and wonders, and experienced being with the resurrected Jesus.  It still wasn't enough.  Jesus wanted them to wait for the filling of the Holy Spirit.  I saw the impartation of spiritual gifts working miraculously!


Each time your declarations are scrubbing your spirit.  Peter asked, "shall I forgive my brother seven times?"  Jesus said to forgive until seventy times seven.  When God created all things, God said, let there be and there was.  The words he spoke came to be.  Likewise your words have the power to speak and bear the fruits of the spirit.  There's a difference between the blessings of a tree that has only one fruit and the other tree has 70 x 7 fruits on it.


Are 70 x 7 reminder wristbands really so good? When I first started using it, I was meditating about it in my heart, "I want to forgive.  I want to be holy.  I will not be angry!"  I couldn't imagine that those words  would change my heart, and that I would live them out.  God, I have stored up your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.  I meditate on your teachings.  I claim that I walk not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the way of sinners.  This wristband helped me to obey God's word!  God's blessings are in his word.


The 70 x 7 wristband reminds you to have faith.  Do not worry!  Do not sigh!  Often cleanse your thoughts so you have clean actions!


 70 x 7 reminds you to make eye contact with the person you're speaking with.  Showing love, courage. Never slamming the door, nor lock the door because of anger.  Say  70 x 7 I don't want to be angry.  I want to be kind.  I want to be peaceful.  I want to be joyful.  I want to be joyful!


 I shared the gospel with a couple that had never been to church.  I invited them to declare the 70 x 7 with me.  In just a few short minutes, the wife started crying and crying.  The two were willing to believe in Jesus and be baptized.  The Lord Jesus' 70 x 7 hides spiritual blessings abundantly; within is a bountiful grace to forgive sins, spreading immeasurable love.


Do not repeat negative words from other people.  Try imagining yourself joining thousands of angels worshipping God.  At that moment you will not criticize.  You will not repeat negative words.  So keep it!


Obeying God's word.  Bringing the blessing of God to your family.  Fret not because of evildoers; be not envious of wrongdoers!  Do good in secret without proclaiming it, giving and praying for people in secret, and your Heavenly Father who sees in secret will reward you.


 I feel like Jesus is opening a humongous store, freely giving peace, joy, and all kinds of gifts to people.  You get as much as you want.


Mankind is placed on a spiritual battlefield.  Only obeying God's word can help him win the victory. While men were sleeping, his enemy came ... (Matt 13:25)  If a person is not alert, opening the gap to temptation and the flesh, he will damage his life.  In the battlefield of the spirit, be familiar with your weapons which are God's word.  70 x 7 trains you to bear the fruit of the spirit which become your spiritual weapons.  Everyone who uses the weapon has a different degree of familiarity.  Only those who use it often will wield the right one at the right time and be able to effectively defeat the enemy.  Thus, being familiar with the word of God and often having victory, you can teach others how to be victorious.  Those who don't know how to bear the fruit of the spirit, don't know how to practice the spiritual weapons and cannot teach others how to overcome in spiritual warfare.


Find the enemy from afar, and turn them back from afar.  Pray to God and be desirous of the ability to distinguish between spirits.


testimony for those who use i 70 x 7 wristband


This wristband is so important to me.  Praise during suffering is so good and so sweet.  Today I really experienced it.  Too sweet.  Giving thanks in all things -- I experienced that today.  So amazing.  When I used the 70 x 7 that you talked about, God's word is so joyful, so understanding.  I understand that the tongue can light up your life.  I really experienced even though the tongue is small, it can turn the whole body.  Your wristband is a confirmation of this truth.  When you use this wristband, you can use it as a reminder to declare the truth.  Those declarations really help you gain and experience it.  It's not only a declaration of the fruit of the spirit, it has many more uses.  Too many to count.  Really.  Not only that, when I experienced this, I really knew that this wristband has many great applications.  No matter what my weaknesses are, I use this wristband to declare and I find things are really different.  Actually everyone's experience is different.  This wristband can be used for different people.  This wristband is like truth -- it's living, not dead.  It's really -- I experienced it.  This is really true.  --Sister lee.


Your spirit will grows stronger! I sent out many text messages to my friends that I want to be 70 x 7 forgiving, not do evil, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all things.  I will be merciful.  I will not get angry.  A coworker in the church was thankful to me just like I was to you.  Every day wanting to thank me.  He said every time he saw the 70 x 7 that I wrote, it's his need.  Every time he sees those words, his spirit grows stronger.


For 15 years, I obeyed God's words with such difficulty and suffering.  Now with 70 x 7 is so easy.  The complaints I have over 20 years towards my mother-in-law are melting away little by little.  Using 70 x 7 to correct my many faults, it's so many.  I used to not able to laugh.  Ever since going to your healing and deliverance conference, I keep practicing  70 x 7.  And every day I have great change.  Half a year later, I'm even more different.  In these months, my family is so happy, so joyful.  My children and husband have never been so happy every day before.  May God remember you.


At first when I got this wristband, I thought it was too difficult to forgive.  But I was willing to do it.  I would try to follow your method.  I would declare.  At first I did so secretly, in my heart, quietly declaring.  After many months, I declared loudly, "I want to be joyful.  I want to be always joyful.  I want to be courageous and be joyful."  I just declared in this way.  When I met with difficult circumstances, I also declared this way.  When I declared, I smiled.  Things were really different.  Today while preparing a meal, I suddenly realized a truth.  "Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life." James 1:12.  This is the promise of God to those who love him.  That day you mention about being grateful to those who betrayed you.  I thought, "that's not possible!"  And then during these days of declarations, I really came to love those who once were my enemies.  I am especially grateful to them.  Especially thank them for the trials they caused me, deliberately making things difficult.  That gratitude came from my heart.  It's so different.  I really want to say, "it's amazing, amazing, too amazing."  God loves mankind so much.  Using your 70 x 7 wristband to change my life, I have changed.  This wristband is too good.--Amazing Grace


I work at the bank as a high level manager.  The bank has a department of Business Development.  They are responsible for finding new customers for us.  One day a Business Development manager found me and wanted me to help meet a customer.  Because she was eager and urgently asked me for help, I  changed my original plans to meet other customers.  I delayed my schedule to focus on preparing to meet her clients.  The second day I kept waiting for her customer.  I waited 40 minutes.  I thought, "that's strange."  So I went down to see if she was there.  When I went to the foyer, I found her with another client manager meeting a new customer.  In fact, this client manager had been called to meet the customer at the last minute.  When I saw this, I became very angry.  I felt this was outrageous and disrespectful.  I felt offended.  I angrily went back to my office upstairs.  I was still very angry.  I found my mood was wrong.  I could not concentrate on work.  So I began to practice my 70 x 7 wristband.  I kept declaring, "I will not be angry.  I will not be angry.  I will not be angry.  I will forgive.  I will forgive.  I will forgive.  I will forgive."  I also declared "I will be joyful.  I will be joyful.  I will be joyful."  I found that suddenly I wasn't angry anymore.  The whole anger seemed to be taken away.  At this time, the coworker at the teller station called me and said he needed me to do a small bothersome task.  I didn't even feel any anger.  By the time I got downstairs, I could actually speak to my coworker with a genuine smile.  They said, "Why are you so happy?"  I said, "I am just so happy."  They smiled too.  Afterwards, I communicated with the director of the customer Development, because she was new to the bank and unfamiliar with bank rules.  I no longer blamed her for this and asked the director not to blame her either.  Only hoped God would bless her work at the bank and hoped I would be able to help her in the future.


Later on this coworker heard about it and was very embarrassed.  She kept wanting to find the best customers for me. Not long after that, she really brought me a very good customer to meet with.  Our relationship became very harmonious.


When I meet with roadblocks on the job and performance progress is slow, I often use the 70 x 7 wristband to remind myself, "I only want to love God.  I will just obey God's word.  I put down all burdens.  Just keep my heart in the presence of God."  Today is an amazing day, because a customer who couldn't make it for a long time finally arrived.  He bought two products.  In the afternoon, a customer took the initiative to call and ask a few questions.  I just introduced him to a product.  He came in the afternoon surprisingly and bought a new product.  Also another customer who I told in much detail about a product, she felt very interested.  I feel like next week she will be here to sign papers for sure.  The thing I want to share is, when I wholeheartedly worshiped God, seeking his kingdom and his righteousness, the amazing blessing came.  I thank God for giving me grace so that I can glorify God's name.


More and more testimonies glorify God.  That day my father prayed and saw precious pearls flying everywhere.  I suddenly understood the meaning of this vision.  The pearls represent the blessings that come out of difficulty.  Every pearl is made from that speck of sand that brings great pain to an oyster that covers that pain with nacre.  After much time a beautiful pearl is formed.  In our lives, it's unavoidable that we will confront endless trials and temptations.  More or less we get hurt by them.  We can all use our 70 x 7 wristband to declare obedience to the word of God gives for our lives.  Every time we declare, we grow pearls.  Every suffering or trial, whether big or small, gives us an opportunity to grow a pearl.  We want to be victorious, victorious, victorious to enter the pearly gates of heaven.  The kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.  Every time we take our wristband to declare the words of life, our lives once again experience victory over the flesh, over weaknesses, over fear, over temperament, over bitterness, over doubts, over anxieties, over lusts and selfishness.  Every time we are victorious, we are growing a beautiful pearl in the spirit.  When we use the 70 x 7 wristband, the more times we use it, the more times we proclaim, the more we will have glorious pearls.  Ha ha ha.  May your life be full of more glorious pearls.  Have you used your wristband of life today?  Have you spoken the words of life today?--Preacher Ms. Hu.


To me the future is more important than the past and present.  The person I am today is very different than the person I was yesterday.  Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead. Every day is a new day.  Every minute God is doing something new.  Always look ahead.  Always look ahead.  Recently I needed to rest because of lots of work and lots of service.  Grateful for the 70 x 7 wristband.  I need to use it more often.  May God have mercy on me.  I am thankful for the 70 x 7 wristband.  After using it, I received much benefit.  Even more than speaking in tongues.  May God bless pastor Paul and his wife and all others.-- Minister Mary


Brother Sze came to the church three times looking moody.  The last time he went home and practiced 70 x 7 for a few days.  He said it was very effective.  This time when he came to church, he actually laughed aloud unlike ever before.  The joyful spirit greatly filled him.  He looks so different from what he looked like before.  He laughed till his stomach could take it no more.  --by brother Sze's pastor


Seeing the testimony of your happy marriage, I felt very encouraged.  I also thank God for the opportunity to write you this letter.  Thank you for the two wristbands that you gave me blessing me and my wife.  May God bless you.  --Brother in Guangdong.


Hello.  After seeing your testimony about happy marriage, I feel very good.  At the end of your essay, I saw your blessings and wanted to leave a word for you.  I want to learn from you.  I am a person who is not at peace in my heart.  Your wristband helped me learn how to quickly enter victory.  Thanks be to God.  Hallelujah. --Brother Kao.


Peace!  I am sister Yang from Shenzhen.  After seeing your happy marriage testimony, I was benefited.  I hope I will often use 70 x 7 wristband to remind myself to live like you -- a good testimony.  Bless your family, and may your good footsteps bless the people of the world with more peace.  In Jesus' name, amen.


Today I saw your happy marriage testimony and am very touched.  I read it twice, learning many lessons.  Thank you.  --Taiwan sister Jiawen.


Hello, I saw your happy marriage testimony.  Thanks be to God.  We were very encouraged.  Thanks be to God who loves us.  The wristband reminds me to be holy, patient, forgiving, to have self-control, to have faith, to be joyful always.  I received a lot of benefit.  I am very touched.  Sister J N.


God bless you, diligent servant.  And I thank you for your gift.  Ever since receiving the wristband, I am gradually learning to leave anger behind.  Now I face problems with peace.  I want to solve problems to please the Lord.  God gave me strength.  Bless your work to help more families in the Lord.  And bless your love.  Sister Y Z.


Dear brother Paul.  Jesus loves you.  I am the brother in Hunan.  Today I saw your testimony of happy marriage.  After reading it, I felt very encouraged.  In the past, I was a very rebellious sinner.  I did many bad things behind my wife’s back.  After believing in the Lord, I saw my sins and decided to repent and become a new person.  But this path is really difficult.  In the past, I was the one who scolded and hit my wife.  Now it's the other way around.  Whenever she's unhappy, she hits and scolds me.  Sometimes I think that I can't take it anymore.  But the Bible says, "The one who stands firm to the end will be saved."  I am very happy your 70 x 7 wristband has come to help me.  May God bless you and your family and the church's brothers and sisters.  Peace and joy every day.


We as a couple saw the 46th edition of Springs quarterly magazine in which you wrote "happy marriage testimony" and felt very touched.  We are often weak and can't control our emotions.  May God give me strength so we can often live out God's commands.  Thank you for the 70 x 7 wristband that you designed and produced.  Hallelujah.  Sanshi -brother Yang.


Many days I have been praying that no matter in front of who, whether friend or enemy, seven times I repeat "I want to be joyful.  Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all things."  I keep on declaring it.  Even when I feel a complaint within me rising up, when I see the 70 x 7 wristband on my wrist, it reminds me to declare, "I want to be joyful, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all things."  It's too amazing.  Too amazing!  I ask you to accept me as your disciple.  Hallelujah.  Thanks be to God.  --no name


It's so bountiful to experience the 70x7 declaration.  The first day I was forcing myself to declaring seven times.  Whether or not there was someone around, I would speak it aloud, "I want to be joyful.  I will not be angry."  The next day my mood was different.  Day by day it's been changing.  This change feels like the heavens opened.  Each person is tempted by his own desire.  You must believe and declare you can bear the good fruits of your life and not doubt.  He who doubts should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Using 70 x 7 continually was too great.  My faith grew stronger day by day.  Your method is without match!


I find that using this wristband to obey God's word is so simple.  It used to be so hard to obey God's word.  Over so many years, I knew that hating people was wrong and that I should forgive them, but I couldn't do it.  Since putting on this wristband one year ago, I have never removed it.  It's as if removing it I would forget to speak the declarations.  So I wear it every day and declare.  I began by declaring within my heart.  Five months later declaring it loudly, the result was even better when facing challenges.  I felt it was too simple.  Obeying God's word is so simple.  Just by this wristband, declaring God's word every day.  It's easy to obey God's word.  It's not so difficult.  My tongue cannot stop speaking praises, speaking the positive, speaking the words that God wants me to speak, only blessings.  Using the wristband to speak these words out loud seven times, it's really different.  My mood is so bountiful, but I feel my expression is not bountiful enough!


I began to speak aloud, "I want to be joyful."  That kind of joy became part of my life lived out.  In my heart, the change brought natural joy to myself and brought joy to those around me.  The Bible says: Keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.  Really my heart changed.


In the past if someone opposed me, I would quickly get angry.  Now when I am about to get angry, I will say, "I won't be angry, I want to be joyful..."  Then from my own heart joy emanates with laughter.  I am not controlled by my flesh anymore.  Every time I think of 70 x 7, I laugh.  Because God knows how difficult is my situation.  Now, I am so happy, so joyful, so full of hope.  In the past my heart suffered when facing the enemy.  But now I'm different.  Your 70 x 7 that you taught me, I started doing and the change was so quick.  In 20 years I wasn't able to do it.  I experienced pain that was not what the average person experiences.  I've done it.  I am so grateful for your coming.  Amazing grace.  Ha ha ha.  Yay.  In this important moment, you appeared.  When I think of it, I am happy.  I am very grateful!


In the past I wanted to commit suicide and divorce.  If it weren't for the mercy of God, I would have died from anger.  My husband was actually very good, but my mother-in-law always felt dissatisfied with me and wanted to leave home.  You told me not to repeat the negative things people say.  The pain in my chest and back since lunchtime has been healed.  The word of God is healing to all our flesh.  I love God so much.  I want to thank God and praise him greatly.  I just cooked dinner with my mother-in-law. We are in harmony after suffering for so many years.  We have a very good relationship.  (Jam 4:6)  God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.  I truly experienced humility.  Because of my worldly wisdom, strength, sharp abilities, I felt very proud.  But God used none of it.  Rather, he used those around me, and I was so devastated.  Now I know that he wanted to get rid of my estimation of what I had.  Ever since wearing this 70 x 7 wristband, my burden is so light.  I always see others as better than myself.  I will always remember 70 x 7.  All till I meet the Lord face to face, the 70 x 7 love is amongst us forever.


I am very thankful that God used your teaching of 70 x 7 to set me free, heal me, anoint me, lead me, counsel me, build me, love me, leaving me very grateful .


70 x 7 to bravely speak to others with eye contact.  So powerful.  Honestly speaking, I practiced this a few months.  You told me to prepare to be betrayed at any time.  This preparation was very powerful.  It made me peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.  This peace was real peace.  I dare to speak to my enemy face to face with eye contact.  My heart doesn't shrink back.  Joy increases.  I am so grateful.  You don't know how much I used to suffer.  Now I'm so joyful.  The people around me are also joyful because your wristband has brought me to the highway of obeying God's word.


When I became happy, my husband and children also changed.  Because of 70 x 7, I've experienced so much joy these couple of months.  I feel the power of 70 x 7 more and more -- joy, obedience, love.  I feel God sent you to serve us, to help us walk in a way that surprises people at how amazing it is.


Dear pastor Paul and Mrs Paul, our whole family of six sat at the place where we treated you to breakfast.  In my heart I suddenly understood a few things.  This morning we went to Shenzhen the earliest prayer tower to visit pastor Chen, who my father said was ill.  Later I found out God sent us to serve pastor Chen and another minister.  They were too tired, too suffering.  One had even fasted for 19 days.  I served them.  Joy filled me very much.  The Holy Spirit anointed us.  We all laughed together.  Ha ha.  Pastor Chen and the other minister were greatly set free.  I want to teach them about the 70 x 7 truth & joy.  I also thought about how God brings many preachers to receive healing, deliverance, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and joy from us.  I suddenly understood God's heart.  I was like doing what you pastor Paul are doing.  Ha ha ha.  - Pastor Mary.


Wow, father Paul, last year I went to the special springs conference at your healing deliverance prayer meeting and was filled with the Holy Spirit for five and a half hours.  Amazing, amazing, so amazing.  I thank the Lord.  Just from being prayed over by you with laying on of hands, my life truly changed.  I truly found home and no longer feel like an orphan.  No longer with low self-esteem, fear, and sorrow, but have hope.  At the meeting in Hong Kong, you were just like a father to me.  You gave me affirmations until now I am truly your daughter in the spirit.  I truly will never forget that five and a half hours that I fell to the ground.  While I lay there on the ground, you and your wife prayed for me several times.  After nine months, today I just know that day was my 40th birthday.  I understood how in God's eyes everyone is so good.  So I could forgive everyone who hurt me.  I will forgive.  I will forgive.  Hallelujah.  I want to be the lampstand in the family.  Even though there will be difficulties, I want to be light shining upon a family.  Shining upon those around.  Shining upon all people.  Even shining upon myself.  I will forgive.  I will be diligent.  I will not give up.  I will be strong.  My husband has not smiled for many years, but now he's been full of smiles for many months.  Our whole family has changed because of your 70 x 7 teaching.  Our whole family is happy together.  When the alabaster jar is broken, the fragrance will come forth.  I am that jar, and the joy of the Lord is that fragrance.


I found a secret.  Practicing 70 x 7 isn't something that happens once but must be persevered upon for a long time.  Just like waiting on God.  It's not something you do on the spur of the moment, but a very good long-term lifestyle.  I want to be holy.  I don't want to do evil.  I will forgive.  I will not be angry.  I will not complain.  I will be joyful.  Because my savior forgave my sins, I will also forgive those who've hurt me.


I used to be miserable in the past and wanted to commit suicide.  Now I don't think about it.  I don't criticize.  I don't complain.  I will love myself.  I will live bravely and joyfully.  I will love others as myself.  Shine for the Lord.  Spreading the great change God did within me.  When I came back after being served by you at the deliverance and healing meeting, lots of coworker of many years, friends and family all saw me and said, "Why are you so different?  Did you win the lottery?"  I said, "I'm happier than I would be had I won the lottery."  Church friends kept pushing me to serve.  Hallelujah.  70 x 7 -- your teaching has given me strength to obey God's word every day.  It turns out victory in obeying God's word is so easy.  I suffered abuse for so long, feeling bitter and accumulating hatred every day.  Finally set free!  I can courageously look at those who caused me so much suffering and speak to them and can also manifest genuine joyful laughter.  My husband was so surprised by the change in me that he also joyfully loved me more.  He knew that ever since I married him, the suffering I went through, I always clenched my teeth to endure.  But now it's different.  I really overcame.  I am shining for the Lord.  We love you.  My husband hasn't met you before, but he also hopes very much that you can come here and serve us.  If you don't come, our whole family hopes to go to where you are to receive your service, okay?  Father Paul, this 70 x 7 is truly priceless.  70 x 7 -- there are still many people who don't know about it.  I shared with those at the other meetings.  They all said they felt weak and powerless.  But after I have the 70 x 7 teaching, I have a different experience.  I am filled with joy and peace.  I am thankful.


I want the endless love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control until eternal life.  I am not perfect, but I am willing to live a blameless life.  These past two days I was weak, then strong, weak, then strong.  Every time I feel weak, I immediately speak the declarations.  When I feel weak, I declare, so I cry and I laugh.  When I feel weak, I cry.  After declaring, I laugh.  Because of these declarations, my relationship with those who I previously couldn't forgive has improved.  70 x 7 has helped me.  The power of the mouth will not be less than that of the heart and mind, sometimes even more powerful.  The way the mouth declares is the way it will be.  It's so powerful.  Turns out it's so easy to be victorious.  All you have to do is speak declarations.  After speaking them, wait and be patient.  Sometimes I'm a little impatient; then I easily become irritable and angry.  But now I've learned to patiently wait for God.  God has his timing.  Sometimes when I feel discouraged, hopeless, looking at the ceiling thinking about those who've hurt me, I say with my mouth, "I want to forgive, I want to forgive, I want to forgive..."  and the person who offended me changed.  A few days ago, I wanted to quickly please the other person, but I got hurt again.  Turns out all I have to do is get my part right, and wait for him to make a move.  When I submitted, things became so easy.  I really marvel at how controlling what I say is able to bridle my whole body, and how it can even change others.  God really protected me.  I thought after forgiving the person, he would bully me; but it wasn't like I thought.  He didn't bully me.  This 70 x 7 wristband, I must wear it always.  People are forgetful.  70 x 7 is a very powerful spiritual weapon for the overcomer.


For sure it's this 70 x 7 that taught me to know what is real forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not counting the offenses of others who hurt me.  Forgiveness is to love those who hurt me.


My heart was shaken by God.  After practicing 70 x 7, I don't get influenced by people or things.  I am amazed that all you did was declare by the name of Jesus and pray for me and I couldn't remain standing.  No matter how many hopeless things happen, just by declarations, the heart changes.  The heart feels so peaceful; heavenly peace comes and joy fills.  In the past I would not forgive their hurt on me, but ever since I start declarations, my heart has changed -- having action of love.  I can pray for those hurting me who I didn't even want to look at before.  Yesterday I could approach her.  So joyful.  I gradually understood in Jesus Christ what you should say, what you should not say.  Before I didn’t know that words from your mouth can be so powerful.  The words you speak can change your life.  Do not speak carelessly.  Do not speak carelessly!


Originally I was quick tempered.  But 70 x 7 accompanying me has removed my angry temperament away.  No more temper.  I experienced the joy of suffering.  The declarations of these past days really let me experience that suffering is blessing which corrects you toward perfection.


Hello.  My daughter wanted to divorce.  I told her to use 70 x 7 wristband to declare that I want to obey the word of God.  Yesterday I sent them off.  Now there's no more problem.  Thanks be to Jesus.  Thanks to you, I once again understand the teaching of the heavenly father -- humility, patience, and obedience.  And it also let me understand that all things work together for those who love God.  The marital strife between two generations of my family has been dissolved.


My mother-in-law was in the living room laughing out loud while watching her grandson.  Over so many years, I finally heard laughter that came from her heart.  It's a joy to be set free.  Hallelujah.  Hallelujah.  My whole family has been set free.  Our whole family thanks you, pastor Paul.  Thanks be to God.


At the end of the conference, the coordinator asked me how was the meeting.  He saw that I was different.  I said the greatest thing I got was the healing and deliverance of those few days.  After being prayed upon by pastor Paul and falling to the ground for over many hours, it was amazing.


Heavenly Father, you are anxious in heaven for me.  Family a thousand miles away shed tears for me.  Heavenly father, I made a decision, please fill me with your love.  I am willing to obey your will.  May your presence be deeply with me.  You are holy, and I want to be holy as well.  This is my sincere prayer with tears running down my face.  Nothing else that has value can compare with what you, Lord, did for me.  Confronting the love that you have for me, I have no reason not to listen to your counsel.  Lord, I love you.  I will set my heart to bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit through 70 x 7, 70 x 7.


God loves me so so so much.  God knows that I love him and I want to obey him.  Four years ago I started to turn to the Lord from within.  Pastors Zhou and Liu waiting on God.  I also encountered many people opposing me; but I really got it.  At the time battling by my own flesh was very difficult -- suffering.  Last year the Holy Spirit brought me to your place and I experienced 70 x 7.  By comparison to the four years of waiting on God, I feel really joy and peace these days.  You taught me how to effectively obey God's word.  Immediately I was released.  I really know the power of declaration from our mouth can change me and my situation.


Yay yay yay.  it's 70 x 7.  70 x 7.  70 x 7 helped me overcome weaknesses, overcome myself, overcome my environment, overcome anxiety, overcome enemy, overcome everything.  Ha ha ha.  Ha ha ha.  By 70 x 7, 70 x 7, I am joyful, peaceful, forgiving, merciful, not envious, not complaining, not irritable.  Ha ha ha.  The Holy Spirit really reigns and leads me.


At noon today, my 4-year-old son didn't take his nap.  Usually I would hit him.  But that day you taught me to be patient and not be hasty.  I said to him, "it's time for a nap."  He wanted five more minutes.  When the time arrived, he still didn't want to take his nap.  I said he was a good boy, but it was no use; he still didn't want to go for a nap.  Then I picked him up and brought him to bed.  Told him he was a good boy.  He said of himself, "I'm not a good boy."  I praised him for being understanding.  But he said he wasn't.  I said I loved him.  He said he didn't love me.  I started to practice 70 x 7 and said, "even if you don't love me, I love you.  I love you.  I love you...  Even if you aren’t understanding, I love you.  I just love you.  Love you.  Love you..."  At first he was fussy, but began laughing and fell asleep shortly after.  Ha ha ha.  Not getting angry, not committing sin is such a joy.  I want to be holy.  I want to be holy.  I want to be holy.  Ha ha ha.  Yesterday my spouse also became angry with me.  I said, "Even when you are angry with me, I love you.  I love you.  I love you...  I won't get angry.  I won't get angry.  I won't get angry..."  And he burst out laughing.

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