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Paul‘s Marriage & Calling Testimonies

>>   Loving parents.              
Throughout my whole life, I have never seen my mother angry.  My mother told me that Grandpa told her she must be patient and never get angry before she got married.  When father was young, because his work was laborious, he got heart disease and went out of the country to look for a cure.  The doctor said to him, "If you're angry, let it out.  Holding it in is bad for you." So mother became even more patient.  I was a person who engrossed myself in my work, being very responsible for tasks, sometimes working exhausted and easily get angry which cause my family happiness gradually decrease.  Today I finally found the secret of having a happy family: Love is patient, do not get angry.  Below is my story, hope it will be a blessing to you.


>>    Christmas chorus performance get rid of all  worry.
After graduated from college and finished two years of army service, I got a job and started worrying about not having enough savings-- no car, no house, no girl friend.  One day after work, I passed by a church and was invited to watch a Christmas performance.  It was very amazing, peace entered my heart, getting rid of all my worries.  Later on, I went to America, and got my masters in product design.  It opened up my eyes to see God created the air, plants, and animals on earth and see Jesus performed many miracles, healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead, forgiving sins, and finally going to the cross and resurrecting.  He's truly a great savior.  The very day after I was baptized in a Baptist church, I very clearly stopped fearing the dark.


>>    The blessing of being rejected.
After graduating with my master's degree, I flew to different city to get a job and my Ph.D. brother led me to Alliance Church.  And I became chairman of the youth group for one year.  There I took a liking to a girl, but hat girl got married to another brother in the fellowship.  I felt rejected in my heart.  Because of the caring from the fellowship counselor, I went running, playing tennis, attending prayer meetings, listening to many pastor sermons and still couldn't feel at peace until after I met a pastor couple from the East Coast of the United States who came in obedience to the Holy Spirit.  They just spoke a few words and struck my heart.  It caused me to prostrate myself before God in repentance, surrendering to him.  All of the jealousy, weakness, uprooted; all completely removed in the awe of God.  Following this, I was greatly filled with the Holy Spirit for 5.5 hours.  Afterwards, I really sought for the gift of the Holy Spirit.  That night at 3 a.m., I got home, lay in bed singing the song I just learned "Hallelujah."  I heard voices from heaven singing in male and female voices an octave higher repeating, harmonizing with me.  It was so beautiful.  So I fell asleep in great peace.  Afterwards, it was very easy for me to understand many mysteries and truths in the Bible.


>>     I asked God to be my matchmaker.
I studied product design, and deeply knew that all products need to be designed and also produced.  I observed all kinds of things.  I deeply worship God's awesome creation.  Man makes products; God makes man.  God sees all the marriages on earth beginning with Adam and Eve.  I believe God knows who should get married to whom for best results.  I hoped for a partner to pray together with me.  In Matthew 18:19, Jesus says, "If two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven."  Thus, I prayed for God to be my matchmaker.  I know angels will measure my eyesight.  [*]  So I no longer look at girls.  A man's ways are in full view of the LORD.  I just wholeheartedly read the Bible, shared the gospel, and helped the pastor to build the church.  The pastor prayed for me that I would be willing to marry whomever God chose for me, even if she were blind, crippled, or deaf -- that I would be willing.  In Jesus' name, amen. After he prayed this, there really were crippled women, women older than me, and women who had been previously married that appeared.  I said to the Lord I was willing.  Finally, an evangelist couple introduced me to a woman.  He very directly said to me the gynecologists had said she would not be able to have children.  Asked me if I were willing to see her.  I said, "Nothing is impossible with God."  "If God gives you children, what names do you want to give them?"  I hadn't expected that the name he wanted to give the child was also the name I wanted.  I had a friend who heard our testimony, and afterwards they gave their newborn child the same name and also went to church.  We all felt happy at the blessing of the Lord.


>>    Seeing the same vision at the same time.
After knowing her two weeks, because we lived very far away, eight cities away, I would call her every morning to pray with her before going to work. That day in the morning I got up at 5:30 and prayed without ceasing.  I saw a vision.  I saw myself sharing the gospel with people on the street.  I lifted my face to heaven and said, "Lord, I am so lonely."  Then I saw her come into the vision to share the gospel with me on the street.  I looked at the clock on the wall; it was 7:00 sharp.  After waiting till our prayer time arrived, I wanted to say it first, but she did.  She got up in the morning and read the Bible.  When she opened up her Bible, she saw a vision like seeing a movie.  She saw me sharing the gospel on the street.  And then she walked in and joined me to share the gospel.  I was very surprised, goosebumps rising halfway.  Then I asked her what time she saw it.  She said, "7:00 sharp."  At this time, I got goosebumps all over.  Seeing the same vision at the same time surprised me too much.  I asked, "How do you know it was 7:00 sharp?" She said that next to her Bible she had a cherished alarm clock that her mother gave her.  She just saw it.  I fell speechless over the phone.


>>  God answered three prayers at once.
The first time I asked her to go out with me to Sea World, I waited outside her home for one hour before she came out.  Afterwards she told me she didn't come out immediately because she was in the room asking God for three things. (1) If Paul is not the husband you have for me, then don't let us go out on a date.  (2) Gynecologists all say I can't have children.  If some day we won't have children, then don't let us go on a date.  (3) If some day we will be poor, then don't let us go on the date.  At that time, Paul was renting a simple place in a remodeled garage.  She knelt and asked God to answer her these three things as she flipped open her Bible.  She flipped and her eyes fell on Psalm 144:12.  "Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace.  Our barns will be filled with every kind of provision.  Our sheep will increase by thousands, by tens of thousands in our fields."  She said at that time she got goosebumps a very long time and her face became red before she came out to accept my invitation.


>>    Accomplished after a few hours of prayer.
For many days we didn't see each other.  She said to God, "What does Paul look like?  I've forgotten.  I wish I could remember."  Turns out in the middle of the night when she got up to get a drink of water, she saw a letter I mailed to her placed on the table.  As she opened it, she saw my picture.  She was very surprised that the prayer of a few hours before actually got answered so quickly.  She was very surprised that God knows all things.  Even before she said the prayer, God already knew and already prepared.  God already moved men's hearts to accomplish things.


>>    Love comes from God.
The Holy Spirit moved us to get married, but because our relationship did not start from romance, we didn't feel in love.  How could we get the motivation to marry?  So I prayed to the Lord.  If he wanted me to marry her, then let me fall in love with her.  The prayer of 3:30 in the afternoon, at 8:00 p.m. that night, she actually appeared in a Bible study that she had never before attended.  At that time when I saw her, I fell in love with her. From that time, I had no question that love is from God
>>    I asked God to give me love to share the gospel.
Jesus said, "Go and make disciples of all nations."  I said to the Lord, "I don't even know how to love my family and relatives.  How could I share the gospel with the far-off nations?"  Well, from the experience of receiving love that came from God, I prayed to God.  If he wanted me to share the gospel, then let him give me his heart of love for all peoples.  Then love came.  It gave me great motivation in my heart to share the gospel with those I didn't know, to bring the blessings of God into their midst.


>>    Wedding day.
Because we invited many guests from out of town and out of country to attend our wedding, our wedding date was very difficult to decide upon. Flipping the Bible, I got no answer, so I prayed to the Lord.  God prompted me, "The week of your birthdays."  I knew very little about her.  Didn't know what college she graduated from and didn't know when her birthday was.  After asking her, I found out that our birthdays were four days apart.  And that year, our birthdays were on the same week.  The Holy Spirit really knows all things in great detail.  From then on, I loved the Holy Spirit even more. Even more amazing, many of the things that I had hoped for in a spouse were all on my wife's person.  The Holy Spirit is really all knowing.


>>    Pre-marital counseling almost caused a breakup.
Because we grew up in very different backgrounds -- I was an engineer; my wife was a business person -- our ideas and ways of doing things were all different.  I spoke in a clumsy way; she spoke in clever ways.  I was frugal; she was generous.  We were worldly different and also spiritually different. What we had in common was that we both put our marriage in God's hands. Before marriage, she insisted that we find an expert marriage counselor to do pre-marital counseling for us.  In my spirit, I disagreed.  But she was very insistent, so I could only submit.  This expert started right off saying, "Before getting married, you have to understand the shortcomings of your partner lest it be too late finding out after you're married."  He wanted us each to write down ten shortcomings of the other person.  I wrote seven things and could not go on.  This expert still wanted us to read it aloud.  I had just read to the third item when I saw that my fianceé's face was already mad and red.  It was not a good sign.  This expert wanted me to continue reading.  This counseling caused us great danger of breaking up.  Actually, God wanted of us to forget what is behind and strive for what is ahead. Forgive and bear with one another.  Don't keep records of wrong.  Comfort and encourage.  See the other as stronger than yourself.  See yourself as being a beam of faults.  Do not pick at other person's tiny dust-sized faults. "Whoever would foster love covers over an offense, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends."  God's word is settled in heaven.  I thirsted to obey his commandments.  I found peace within.  Now I counsel some people in broken marriages.  Amazingly, very quickly they get along and love each other.  God's wisdom and love are unlimited


>>    In a recession, pray for a job.
1987, I graduated with my masters degree.  It was an economic recession and very difficult to find a job.  Many classmates who got master's degrees all went back home to the motherland to find work.  One day as I attended church Bible study, I came across Luke 8.  Jesus and his disciples got on the boat.  Jesus fell asleep.  The lake suddenly had a great storm.  The boat filled with water, and it was very dangerous.  Disciples came to him and said, "We perish."  Jesus woke up, rebuked the storm, and the wind and waves were at peace.  “Where is your faith?” he asked his disciples.  In fear and amazement they asked one another, “Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.”  I was very surprised at Jesus' great power.  I hoped the next morning no one would be home so I could pray loudly to the Lord.  The next day early in the morning, sure enough everyone left. So I opened the uppermost window in the room and faced the blue sky praying a most sincere prayer loudly saying, "God!  Even the wind and waves listen to you.  What is my job to you?  Now, no matter who is looking my resume, all you have to do is touch him and I'll have the job.  Amen."  The next day someone really called me and was willing to pay for my plane ticket to go to the interview.  After the interview, he treated me to lunch.  The waiter gave me a fortune cookie.  I know Christians shouldn't look at that.  But that interview manager looked over at me curious to see what my fortune cookie said.  So I prayed to the Lord and gave it to him.  Inside it said, "Congratulations you have received the job."  Then he asked me how much salary I wanted.  After the interview manager left, I went to the greeting card shop and wanted to buy a thank you card.  I didn't expect to see the store's revolving rack had the first big card in the front that said, "Congratulations you got the job!"  I got goosebumps.  I knew God was leading me.  So I joined this big company to work for them.  At the Christmas party drawing, I drew the first award.


>>    Thieves.
Even living in someone else's garage, I got stolen from by a thief.  One day when I got home from work, the window was broken.  Some things were stolen.  From within the dwelling, I looked out the broken window.  A calendar hung next to the window with big words on it, "The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  I came that you might have life and life more abundantly."  This reminded me that we shouldn't leave room for the devil; don't be proud leaving room for the thief.  So amazing.


>>   Another coincidence miracle
This Jewish company wasn't doing well.  In three layoffs, I wasn't laid off.  I always told the Lord, "Let me get a work permit before they let me go.  Otherwise, I would have to get another job, apply for another four years."  One day after getting off work on Friday, I went as usual to the prayer meeting.  During prayer, God prompted me to go apply for unemployment insurance.  I said, "I just got off work.  It wouldn't be; would it?"  When I got home at midnight, I opened the mailbox.  I actually got the work permit. Monday when I arrived at work, the Jewish boss walked over to me and said there was something he wanted to say to me Friday after work, but he couldn't find me and didn't want to leave an answering message about it.  So he wanted me to have a happy weekend.  So I asked, "Have I been laid off?"  He sounded surprised, "Who said that?  In the whole company, there isn't a second person but me who can tell you this matter.  Who told you?"  I said, "It's your God."  I didn't feel worried that I was laid off, because God already told me.  And God didn't leave me with just applying for unemployment insurance. I took the opportunity before leaving him to ask him a question -- I said, "Please tell me -- when Moses split the Red Sea, was that real?"  He answered me "Moses split the Red Sea is what their forefathers handed down to their future generations to not forget."  So this way I got the work permit in my hand before being laid off.  I had no fear of the future, diligently serving in the church.


>>    Visions and dreams stabilized my wife's heart.
After losing work for a year, my wife had a dream that our fridge was full of food.  It was as wide as two wall panels.  It made her think of God's promise, "Our barns will be filled with every kind of provision."  Within three and a half years we seriously attended meetings, read the Bible, and meditated on the Lord.  We kept going to special meetings from speakers who came from out of the country.  Receiving anointing.  Our savings were used up to only one month's expenses left.  So we could only (indecipherable)*. Lived with father and mother.  I wanted to return to the work that I did before, but my wife asked me, "Do you want to choose the blessing of Abraham or Lot?"  I knew that going abroad would be like Abraham going to the desert but that there was the promise of God.  Under the circumstances of the economic recession, this was a difficult decision.  I felt how difficult it was for Abraham to bravely obey God.


>>    Healed miraculously of four days being unable to urinate.
Right after that, I don't know why my wife was unable to urinate for three days.  Her whole body swelled up.  Skin and lips all became dark in color. The doctor said she very likely got uremia and needed to have dialysis. Because we didn't have health insurance, I hurried to get an airplane ticket, visa, get documents, and without even bringing any luggage, I got on the plane with her.  We crossed the Pacific Ocean and arrived at the emergency room.  It was already four days that she had not urinated.  The nurse was also very anxious hoping my wife would be able to squeeze out some urine for the hospital to send for lab analysis.  I waited outside the bathroom for a long time.  But I saw my wife come out with a full cup of urine and a smile on her face saying, "I went so long before it stopped."  The examination results were that everything was normal.  We were even rebuked by the nurse saying, "Don't come to the emergency room as a joke."  They didn't know we had hurried onto the plane and paid a great price to be at that emergency room.  But in our hearts, we deeply knew God used this method to bring us back.  So we lived in the home of brothers and sisters and thanked them for their love


>>   The doctor said it wasn't possible, but God said it was possible.
The gynecologists all said my wife couldn't have children.  One day my wife had a dream that she was pregnant.  Then she held a baby boy in her arms.  Not long after that, she became pregnant.  A few years later, my wife once more dreamt that she had a fetus kicking in her womb.  Not long after that she was pregnant once again with a daughter.  One day, when she was sleeping, my wife was filled with joy.  And laughed aloud waking herself up. She laughed so hard tears kept coming down her face.  After our daughter was born, she brought joy many times to family and friends.  Thank God for his promise fulfilled -- having son and having daughter.  They love one another and never fight.


>>    Got a house and a job.
We were thankfully facing the prospect of not having a place to live.  Two families were willing to take us in.  One day, while my wife was feeding the the infant, the Holy Spirit said to her that she would have her own house. Not long after, one night, both of our families were willing to help. Because in the past the stocks that my company forced me to buy, I had sold at the highest point, adding together all these, we just made it to buy a house with nothing left to spare.  At closing, the seller wanted me to pray. When I finished praying, I looked up and saw the seller and the real estate agent were both moved to tears.  My wife said she was also teary-eyed.  Two weeks after buying the house, I looked up at the ceiling and prayed in my heart to the Lord, "Lord, I need money.  I know this isn't a spiritual prayer, but I need money."  The next day, a friend who hadn't seen me for years asked me to take on a contract job designing products.  He wanted me to buy a computer.  We almost pawned our wedding ring to buy that computer.  The next day, this friend said, "The company boss doesn't want you to do this job on contract basis; he wants you to work full-time."  Wow.  God even answers the prayer that you don't say aloud.  Just so, we didn't imagine that going to the desert we would have children, house, and job


>>    Seven years barren; after prayer twins were born.
Later I went on a business trip back home.  My younger sister and her husband drove a car to send me to the airplane.  When we almost got to the airport, I felt very thankful to them.  I knew in 7.5 years they had not had a child.  I prayed and then asked them, "Are you willing to have twins?" They were laughing.  I prayed that God would bless them with twins within a month.  After the prayer, I asked them, "Why didn't you say amen?"  They didn't know what that meant.  I said, "It means you agree with what I just prayed to God."  So they said amen.  And then they really had twins within a month, and it was one boy one girl.  I believe God created man.  So grateful that he also hears man's prayer.  Amen.


>>    Pray aloud.  Pray silently.  Even without praying, God hears and answers.
The first time I looked for a job, I prayed loudly to the Lord.  The second time I prayed for a job silently in my heart.  The third time I didn't even pray.  At that time I was only diligently serving the Lord and the job found me.  At that time I was diligently translating testimonies for people who had been brought by Jesus to heaven or hell.  Just when my wife and I finished Mary Baxter's "Heaven ten days and hell 30 days" recording, I received a job offer from a world-class large company to be senior manager. God really supplied in my need.  And what God supplied was better than what I could rack my brain to think up for myself.  From that time on, my faith in God grew.


>>    The secret to marital happiness lies in obeying God's word yourself first.
Our marriage was made in heaven.  But that doesn't mean everything went well like a fairy tale.  Just like Adam and Eve were a pair made by God, but they still had to obey God's word to receive his blessing.  I love the Lord very much, zealously going to meetings, often working to midnight and rising early to work, not getting enough sleep.  It affected my mood instability. People all say to control your temper, but nobody taught me how to change my mood.  Finally, by the teachings of Jesus' 70 times seven, I changed.  So we live in joyful peace every day together.  I want to share this secret, which is, the tongue of the wise is healing.  The words you speak with your mouth can heal yourself and can heal others.  I pray every day, bearing the fruit of the spirit.  Sometimes I forget to pray.  Sometimes I can't do.  2012, I bought $10 bracelet to do experiments.  Began to help me learn the 70 times 7 forgiveness, patience, self-control, not getting angry.  I found that if you can be patient beforehand, you don't have to ask for forgiveness afterwards. If you can have self-control, then you don't need to bite your tongue in patience.  When I was touching the patience bracelet, the second day because of traffic violation saved a lot of money and trouble.  I was very happy.  If I had gotten a ticket, I would have been in a bad mood.  I was happy to follow Jesus' word even more.  Afterwards, I wore this bracelet every day to remind myself, and never took it off.  In three years of continual improvement, I found the best way was each time I touch one notch, I have to say three times "Obey the word of the Lord."  For example, I want to be holy. I have to forgive seven times.  I don't get mad.  Bear with things.  I want to be patient.  I want to have faith.  I don't covet.  I don't steal.  I want to give thanks.  I want to be joyful.  Et cetera.  From my mouth the words I spoke clearly changed me.  Changed the nervous atmosphere.  I want to thank Jesus' wisdom.  Daniel 9 says "Seventy ‘sevens’[c] are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish[d] transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the Most Holy Place.[e] sometimes we don't have patience, forgiveness, and then afterwards pay a big price.  70, sevens is a spiritual weapon that's very effective in fighting the devil.  So the devil must leave you and run away.  I truly share with you after experiencing this many years, 70 sevens helped me to often be victorious.  We often work together as a couple with joyful laughter.  A small bracelet helped me greatly to bear the fruit of the spirit.  This bracelet is my good teacher and friend, often reminding me to live the victorious life.  I hope this bracelet can also help many people to walk in victory, truth, holiness path. First beginning with changing yourself.  Your change will be like light in the darkness shining upon those around you.


>>    The calling by God.
Many prophets and pastors prayed for us and anointed us.  Saying God chose us to do God's great work.  My wife knows that I want to share the gospel, but our family finances don't allow it.  She prayed to the Lord and said, "If you want Paul to come out and serve full-time, please have Pastor Anton who adopted 20,000 orphans to tell us.  A few days later, so coincidentally, someone asked us to to go to Pastor Anton's birthday.  Pastor Anton didn't know us.  That day he prayed for us, "God chose you from Saul to become Paul. God gave you a father's heart.  Many young people people will be in your life.  This is a full-time service to the Lord.  It's not part-time.  The Lord gave you the anointing of Elijah.  When you receive the  double anointing, you will see miracles and saints following you.  These days, the father God will change you thoroughly.  No longer the old teachings.  It's a new teaching.  It's the power of the Holy Spirit.  It's the power of prayer. Enter full-time service."  At this time, my wife was persuaded to let me go to Hong Kong to serve in healing, deliverance and prayer ministry.  We would sometimes pray until midnight.  The congregation often had tears on their face thanking the Lord.  Midnight I returned to my room to rest when a knock came on the door.  As I opened the door, there were many people to my surprise who wanted me to pray for them.  Many came as couples.  Watching them bring their problems, leaving with joy and hope,, my heart is filled with reverence for the Lord and I bless them.  At the end of the meeting, I was invited to serve in that locale.  After the meal, the owner took up the remote control to watch TV.  I wanted to pray and not watch TV, but on the screen appeared Pastor Anton who had prayed for me in America.  He was just talking about the double anointing of Elijah.  I was surprised by the coincidence.  Following, a few people in that country asked me to go.  I didn't want to go, because of security controls.  But the phone calls came nonstop.  People were crying on the phone to ask me to go.  The next day when I went on the plane to go home, the Holy Spirit said to me, "go."  So I immediately obeyed and changed my plane ticket.  Because we didn't have a plan, at that time I was still wearing short sleeves.  And was invited to the north country where it was 20 below zero.  The coordinator for 200 churches 3-day revival meeting to be the only speaker.  Also every day at 4 a.m. prayed for China 23 years and never asked a speaker.  I happened to be the first person they invited in 23 years.  Thus going many days to many places sharing God's grace.  I missed my father's last birthday before he passed away.  I felt very bad.  I prayed to God that I not only wanted to to obey God's word help people also to obey God's word.  What I do should honor my father, moreover honor God who created all things.  Afterwards, I went to Europe, Germany, Belize, France, Canada, New York, Taiwan, China many places, just to share the gospel, healing and deliverance for those who want to be freed.  I hunger to see people greatly get God's blessing. 



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